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After a while, they carried two sedan chairs and came to Shuangsheng Inn in the same direction.

Xiaoxiangzi scanned Fengyun Qianlong OCR Xiaoxiang Academy exclusive serial dragon and Ding Wang hurriedly followed out, far away, and soon saw five people walking into a civilian house. After a while, they carried two sedan chairs and came to Shuangsheng Inn in the same direction. Liang Xiaolong hurriedly said to Ding Wang, "Elder Xie and your Aunt Ma must be in the inn room at the moment. You go to deliver a letter first. Since they still have a letter." When I get it, I won't be able to get these two boxes of gold for nothing. I'm determined to get it out. After you deliver the letter, you can wait for me in the room opposite the double stack. You might as well make an appointment with your brother. Otherwise, the two boxes are too heavy. I may not be able to do it alone. After Ding Wang sent the letter according to the words, he went to Ding Xing in a hand style, riding five Niang Xiaoxiang watching below, quietly turned down from the wing, around to the south room of the street, where Liang Xiaolong rushed to the shop first, went in from the back door of the west room, hid under the bed, and as soon as they came out of the west room, he came out from under the bed, put the two prostitutes on the bed and stole into the west room. Will be two boxes of gold out, still from the inner door out, the gold will be divided into two to the brothers, and in the west room cloth a suspicious array, he is still back to the inner room, first blow out the lights and then into the west room, deliberately slightly figure, then hide under a table, such as a group of thieves go out,car radiator cap, only one person left in the inner room Yuxietai, and then steal the letter, take the upper room no one, The three of them carried two boxes of gold to the bottom of the cliff, leaving Ding Xing waiting for Wu Niang and Xiao Xiang. After that, Wu Niang could not help laughing and said, "Tonight, not only did the thieves fall into the hands of you three little devils, but I also lost an adult in front of you. But this must not be a lesson. You should know that Hou Wei's old thief is very black." If he does, his ghost claws are not what you tender bones can bear,socket screw plug, and you must be careful in the future. Liang Hsiao-lung wiped his nose and said with a smile, "I didn't dare to confront that old thief, but since you're here tonight, it's another matter. So we're bolder. Really, can you still watch the three of us being killed?" Wu Niang laughed and scolded, "Little monkey, so that's your idea. But I was caught off guard. Are you sure of that?" Then he added, "Now that we've got it, we should go back to the pine shed. Can we go from here?" Liang Hsiao-lung hurriedly said, "That's very easy. Just go around a hillock from this path, and then climb up to see the pine shed. Now the fire in the daytime has caused wild burning, and it hasn't been extinguished yet. You can't go wrong if you just look at the light of the fire." Then she took out the two letters and handed them to Wu Niang, saying, "They were taken from Yu Xietai, the magistrate of Qian County. You can take them back, old man. But the two boxes of gold are really heavy. If you carry them in your hands for a long time, you can press them very hard. Only you and Aunt Ma can carry them. Wang and his brothers can't do it." Then, like a living monkey, titanium machining parts ,die casting parts, he ran up the hillside again. Here five Niang and small incense, each carrying a sedan chair, with two small, according to the words from the mountain path has been around the past, and sure enough, the wildfire has not been extinguished, shining very far, it is not too difficult to distinguish the direction, walked for a while, gradually heard the morning chicken moving wild, looked up and saw that the stars were about to dawn, and so on up the slope, the pine shed is already in sight, across the pine shed there are Li Xu, there is Zhenyuan dart walking hand, Riding his horse, he watched. After a while, he saw Tianxiong standing with a sword and a strong suit. Seeing the four of them, he hurriedly said, "Elder Xie has come back. What's the situation on the cliff?"? Yu Xietai sent a Du Si and two Qian Zong to take people to see all over the slope. Brother Liang has handed over to them the dozens of seriously wounded bandits captured by the Escort Agency. But the two teams of people who came did not withdraw. They are still stationed nearby. Although we are not afraid of him, since they are under the banner of officers and soldiers, this matter is not easy to handle. Do you have any news? Five Niang busy will be said, together to the pine shed, I saw two Luo Zhou Zaixing all carrying weapons and four or five dart line fellow standing on both sides of the door, the guard is really heavy, see five Niang, also around to ask questions, and then look at the pine shed, lights brilliant, shadow, simply one also didn't sleep, even a few with injuries are all inside, such as five Niang four people go in, Then all stood up, to meet the courtyard, under the road, Ding Zhenren saw five Niang and small incense each carrying a box, not from laughing: "Why did you bring back all the other people's things when you went to find out the news? What was in them?" "Is that what you want to ask?" Asked Wu Niang with a smile as she lowered the car? There are three thousand taels of gold in these two boxes. "Where did you get all this gold?" Asked Ding Zhenren in surprise. Wu Niang quickly smiled again and said, "I don't have time. It's all done by these three children. Not only did they bring two boxes of gold, but there are two things here that are more valuable than three thousand gold." Said to take out the two letters, Ding Zhenren a look, one is six Wang Yunqi to money county magistrate, one is eight Wang Yunqi to Yuxietai, although did not explain two people to help the Qinling group of thieves to kill Gengyao, but the full name of Qinling thieves for Qin Long righteous man, and if you ask, you must do your best to help and so on; In the letter from the eight kings, the names of Meng Saizhu and Hou Wei were mentioned, and they had done all the evil things. In the future, there would be words of promotion and reward. Each of them had a private seal. He couldn't help laughing and said, "These two letters are really hard to buy. Now everything is more easily solved. But how on earth did you get them? What are the two officials, one civil and one military, going to do to us?" Wu Niang hurriedly explained what had happened in detail. Gengyao hurriedly said, "Elder Ding and Martial Uncle Lu really anticipate things like a God. Sure enough, these two people don't dare to have any more complications. If they can have these two letters, it will be easier to say tomorrow. But how to dispose of these three thousand taels of gold? If they are really sent up as stolen goods, it is not the intention of the elders to avoid trouble." But Old Sha laughed and said,deep draw stamping, "Didn't you recommend me to come to this Taibai Mountain to arrange the affairs of Shaanxi and Gansu?"? "If I don't have money, I won't be able to find my old people in the Qinghai area in the future. It's also necessary to have money. Although the amount of three thousand taels of gold is not large, can't it support me for a while?" 。 autoparts-dx.com


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