How to improve the service efficiency and service life of drill rod in daily drilling operation! _ Rock drilling

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Original title: How to improve the service efficiency and service life of drill rods in daily drilling operations! Conical drill rod is a very common rock drilling tool in drilling operations, and its quality directly affects the efficiency and duration of rock drilling. We are all eager for an efficient and durable high-quality drill rod, which saves time and effort. So, in addition to choosing a brand drill rod with quality assurance, what other tips can help us improve the efficiency and life of the drill rod? Today we will summarize it for you. 1. How to select a suitable drill rod: 1. When selecting drill rods, please be familiar with the technical performance of the rock drilling equipment you own or will own. 2. Select the drilling and blasting method correctly according to the rock conditions and construction conditions, so as to determine the specification and model of the drill rod, the length of the drill rod, the connection method, the form and diameter of the drill bit. 3. When there are many abnormal fractures of the selected drill rod, the blasting method shall be adjusted in time and the appropriate drill rod shall be selected. Uch as changing the use length of the drill rod, the section size of the drill rod, the diameter of a drill bit, and the like. 4. Select the drill rod manufacturer according to the rock drilling equipment and rock drilling conditions. It is recommended that the rock drill and the supporting drill rod and drill bit can be selected from the same manufacturer, so as to obtain better matching and cost performance, and obtain the maximum use benefit with the minimum investment. II. Preparations before using the drill rod: 1. Check the appearance quality of the drill rod. For example, whether there are defects on the surface of the drill rod that affect its use, whether the straightness of the drill rod is good, etc. Some of these factors are caused by the handling process. Users of drill rods with slight bending can solve the problem on site. Please do not use hammering when straightening. 2. Check whether the drill rod is well matched with the drill bit, otherwise, rock drilling tools , the drill bit is easy to break. Pay attention to the wear of the drill bit blade. If the drill bit with abnormal damage continues to be used, on the one hand, it will be scrapped in advance, and on the other hand, the service life of the drill rod will be greatly reduced. Expand the full text 3. Check the fit between the drill rod and the rock drill and the connecting pieces. Sometimes, the early failure of the drill rod is caused by the wear of the accessories of the rock drill. If the hexagonal sleeve of the pneumatic rock drill is worn seriously, on the one hand, it will cause the drill rod to bear eccentric impact load and break early, on the other hand, it will also accelerate the wear of the internal parts of the rock drill. 4. Check whether the water hole of the drill rod is unblocked. Never use the drill rod with blocked water hole. In this case, the manufacturer will give free exchange. 5. Check whether there is enough cooling water. Rock drilling equipment has certain requirements for water pressure and water quantity. On the one hand, it can help you improve the drilling speed; on the other hand, it can prevent the temperature of the drill rod from rising during use, which will change the material properties of the rod body and cause the early failure of the drill rod. III. Precautions during use of drill rod: 1. Skilled rock drill operators can well adjust the working state of rock drilling equipment during drilling and rock drilling. For example, when opening the hole, the air volume shall be reduced, and low impact force, slow propulsion force and low revolution shall be used to avoid the damage to the drill bit caused by the high stress on the hard alloy sheet when the drill rod is bent. The normal air volume shall be used after the drill bit is completely drilled into the rock. Ensure that the drill rod and the blast hole are in a straight line during rock drilling. 2. Do not hammer the tool with a heavy object or mark the tool improperly. Scars and sharp notches on the surface of the tool will cause early failure of the tool. 3. Avoid empty drilling, which is the most harmful to the drill rod. 4. If the drill bit is broken during use, it can be used after grinding. 5. When unloading the drill bit, it is forbidden to knock and smash, and the drill bit shall be removed with a drill rod remover. 6. After the completion of rock drilling, the surface of the drill rod shall be kept dry as far as possible,dth hammer bit, and the drill rod shall be placed vertically in a dry place to ensure that it is not exposed to rain and water, so as to prevent the service life of the drill rod from being shortened due to serious corrosion. Above analysis hopes to be able to help everybody! If you want to know more about the relevant knowledge, you can continue to pay attention to us. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.


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