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As he spoke, he was able to enter the station. People in the queue checked into the station one after another. Xu Rong pulled Ye Sui and told her at the last moment: "Send me a message when you get home.

Seeing that she had received the money, Xu Rong smiled in his eyes and said gently, "Tell me if you are short of money in the future, do you know?" Ye Sui glanced at him. "I know, Dad!" I got hit on my forehead again. As he spoke, he was able to enter the station. People in the queue checked into the station one after another. Xu Rong pulled Ye Sui and told her at the last moment: "Send me a message when you get home. Have a good meal at noon and have a video chat with me in the afternoon.". Tell me what your internship is like. The weather is cold, so don't wear a single shirt everywhere. Tell me if you're in trouble, don't put up with it. Around the line to look at the ceremony: "..." I don't know, I thought it was the old father who sent his daughter who had never traveled far to go abroad. This chatter is too specific. Ye Sui could not help laughing and was afraid of Xu Rong. She laughed, her face was strange, and she felt that Xu Rong and his greetings were strange. When he had said enough, Ye Sui tried to pull their relationship back to the couple online. Her voice was loud enough for passers-by to know that they were lovers, not father and daughter. "Honey, I'm leaving. Say'baby 'and listen." Xu Rong and a dun, full of talk to stop. Ye Sui blinked and looked at him expectantly. Xu Rong said coldly, "Don't you think the word'baby 'is very greasy?" Ye Sui felt that the word "baby" was really an innocent death: "Dear, maybe other middle-aged uncles will say it very greasy and full of filth. A trivial feeling. But you are different! I just want to hear you call me'baby ', call me to sleep in a spoiled voice,Magnetic Drain Plug, tell me bedtime stories, sing me love songs.. Xu Rong and Adam's apple rolled. His lips moved. Ye Sui stared at his Adam's apple. After a while, Xu Rong coughed: ".." You get in the car. Ye Sui gave him a white look: "This man who doesn't live up to expectations!"! I can't even say "baby"! The car was really leaving soon, and she had no time to talk with Xu Rong. After staring at him a few times, she ran to the ticket gate with her bag on her back. Suddenly I heard the voice of Xu Rong behind me: "Ye Sui --" Ye Sui looked back expectantly. Xu Rongyu said, "Remember to study!" Embarrassed,DIN screw plug, Ye Sui felt that he was too annoying. Get out of here! Leaning against the window, it is impossible to see Xu Rong and. However, with her face pressed against the glass, Miss Ye pressed her hand on her heart, so sweet that she wanted to explode. Ye Sui has a secret in her heart. She has a little boyfriend who can't be romantic and can't even say love words. He won't even kiss her. He's shy. But she likes him. She still likes him. She didn't envy the couples in the car, and she thought her boyfriend was the best. The train started and slowly pulled out of the Beijing Railway Station. Ye Sui was moved and suddenly received a voice message. She opened the message, put her cell phone to her ear, and heard the boy's cool and mellow voice: "Baby." Ye Sui: "..!!!" Rong and ah. Rong Yu. In a flash, she felt that she had no regrets about her death! What boyfriend can be better than Xu Rong and! What person can be better than Xu Rong and her! Decisively, she immediately recorded the voice and made it her own alarm, so that she could drown in his voice every day. Ye Sui returned to his home, just rest down, the next day went to the magazine to take a model photo. On one occasion, alloy die casting ,non standard fasteners, when she came back at night, while chatting with Xu Rong, she looked up and inadvertently saw a black Mercedes parked downstairs in her residence. Ye Sui is still answering Xu Rong's question: "Uh-huh, yes, you can rest assured that I really think about how to write the building plan every day.". I haven't written yet, but my mind is moving. Ye Sui: Really, really! Don't rush me! In fact, if she can be admitted to Dongda, how bad can she study? I was just compared by my boyfriend, and I looked like a scum. While chatting with her boyfriend, Ye Sui looked at the Mercedes Benz carelessly. She was surprised that such an old residential area, the house is all old and damaged, how can there be such a good car parked downstairs? As she walked past the car, the door opened and a fat, greasy, middle-aged man's body squeezed out of the car. Zhang Xinming, as Ye Yimeng's new husband, faced this cheap daughter with a smile on his face: "Sui Sui, are you back?"? Your mother and I came to pick you up, but you never answered our phone, so my uncle had to come here and wait for you. Ye Sui stepped back warily and said, "I won't go back to your house to celebrate the festival. I'll be alone." "Oh, you child, really, are you still at odds with your mother?" With a funny expression on his face, Zhang Xinming approached Ye Sui. He rubbed his hands. "Really, your mother cried in front of me for several nights.". The family has tidied up the room for you. You don't come to live with us for the holidays alone. Where did you go? Ye Sui said coldly, "It has nothing to do with you. Anyway, I won't go." The fat man was in a hurry and reached out to pull her. When the other side of the car door opened, Ye Yimeng got out of the car in a huff: "Ye Sui!" Ye Sui pulled the corners of her mouth, quickly looked at the fat man who shrank back to hold her hand, and then glanced at her mother who knew nothing about her. She really had nothing to say, and immediately ran past them and slipped into the unit building. Then Ye Yimeng knocked at the door, knocking the whole building of the residents ran out to see, Ye Sui also did not mean to open the door. Ye Yimeng saw that she really did not mean to go with herself, and scolded and cried outside, and finally reluctantly left with Zhang Xinming. Ye Sui stood upstairs, hiding behind the curtain. She saw Zhang Xinming look up and stare at her side of the house for a long time before she reluctantly got into the car and drove away. Ye Sui lowered his eyes. "What are you doing?" She asked Xu Rongyu. Sitting on the bed, originally just bored and Xu Rong and chat, did not expect her to ask a word,die casting parts, his phone call came. The background is noisy, and Xu Rong's voice is clear and light, but it makes people feel at ease: "What happened?" Ye Sui was at a loss: "Ah?"? It's nothing. 。 autoparts-dx.com


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