Elder Martial Brother, he always covets me.

Lin Su stepped on the skull of the monster, took the opportunity to pull out an amulet, drew the sword at the same time jumped out of the way, and quickly detonated the amulet.

Lin Su stepped on the skull of the monster, took the opportunity to pull out an amulet, drew the sword at the same time jumped out of the way, and quickly detonated the amulet. With a bang, the monster exploded into pieces. Stinky flesh and blood were hanging everywhere. Lin Su Porcelain, holding the sword in his arms, breathed a long sigh of relief. He did not dare to take back Sansi's sword, so he could only stand outside the pool of dirty blood with his sword and stretch his neck to look around. Hello A voice came from behind. A child. Lin Su Porcelain looked up and looked around. Who's talking? But the surrounding light can be said to be no, all rely on his feline night vision ability, barely distinguish a little. He raised a pair of cat ears from the top of his head. The cat's ears trembled, discerning the direction of the sound. Here, kid, come here. It's too dangerous for you to be there alone. This is the voice of a middle-aged man, in the southeast direction behind Lin Su Porcelain. Lin Su porcelain looked up, in the dark, there was a low house, the window position of the house,aluminium laminated tube, as if there was a dark shadow shaking. Kid, come here quickly. May see Lin Su porcelain found him, the voice greeted, "the night here is too dangerous, you come to hide first." Lin Su Porcelain looked down at Xiao Bai. Bai slept so deeply that he was not woken up by the battle at all. You can't rely on Bai Shen to choose. Lin Su Porcelain Hu "disorderly" sighed. He glanced at the exploded corpse of the monster on the ground, and then glanced at the seemingly warm house in the distance,plastic packing tube, and Lin Su Porcelain moved slowly. Step by step, he approached the only house that could be seen in the darkness. Well, it's a pity to hold the baby in your arms. The man saw clearly the appearance of Lin Su porcelain holding Xiao Bai Shen, gently pushed open a little window, warmly and kindly greeted, "Come in and hide, that thing outside is too smelly." Lin Su Porcelain stood at the door of the family. "Do you really want to invite me in?" He asked politely. "Naturally, child, it's not easy for you to come suddenly. It's normal for adults to take care of you. Don't think too much about it. Come in quickly." The man pushed the door open with a little enthusiasm. Lin Su-tsu asked even more politely, "Can you really let me in?" "Yes, yes." "Come on," said the man eagerly. "Now that you've agreed." Then there's no way. Lin Su-tsu muttered in a low voice, cosmetic tube ,plastic cosmetic tubes, but with a happy smile on his face, "Thank you, uncle." Lin Su Porcelain, holding Xiao Bai's sword in his arms, bent down along the crack of the door that the man had opened. The next moment, the middle-aged man who had closed the door turned around and suddenly cracked a big mouth with three heads, biting at Lin Su Porcelain! Without lifting her eyelids, Lin Su gently lifted the Sansi Sword. On the Sansi Sword, there was an amulet that he had just put on it. As soon as the amulet touched the big mouth of the blood basin, it was directly exploded. With a bang, the big mouth of the blood basin in front of Lin Su Porcelain was burst. The middle-aged man collapsed to the ground, his whole head almost broken and bleeding all over the floor. Lin Su-tsu frowned slightly, but pointed his sword at the man's neck and poked it hard. He made sure that there was no breath. Then he thanked him politely and said, "Thank you for your house, kind man." Chapter 130 Lin Su Porcelain hugged Xiao Bai Shen and swept out the broken bodies on the ground before he had time to take a look. Here is a small room, which is empty and empty. There is only one bed except for shelter from the wind and rain. Lin Su gave a tut. He took out a blanket from the mustard seed, wrapped up the little cypress and put it on the bed, and began to look out from the window. It was dark outside. You can hardly see anything. Lin Su Porcelain lay on the window and stared at him for a long time, not knowing how the man saw him. And There is not a single room that is empty outside. The existence of this house is a little too unique. Lin Su-tsu couldn't figure it out, so he didn't think about sex anymore. When he first arrived, he didn't know anything, and he had to think about how to live here with Xiao Baishen. And Xiao Bai Shen. Lin Su Porcelain looked back, and in the dim light, he could see the little cypress lying in the blanket sleeping soundly. Human cubs are so big, do they still need to eat milk? Lin Su Porcelain was caught in a difficult question for him. What does Xiaobaishen eat and drink? He turned out all the edible mustard seeds and looked at them. Dried fish, okay? There are also pickled jerky and some semi-finished products that are ready to be put in. Lin Su Porcelain looked up at Xiao Bai and reached out to measure his body length. I don't think so. Lin Su-chi scratched his head. Is he going to catch a female monster and milk it? I don't know if this place has it. Lin Su porcelain sighed, just turned out a box of cakes, put in the small cypress deep hand, he took a blanket, curled up the body lying in the small cypress deep side. Whatever. We'll talk about it tomorrow. Lin Su Porcelain was awakened by a sense of suffocation. When he opened his eyes, there was a tender little steamed bun face magnified in front of him. Morning. When Xiao Bai saw that Lin Su Porcelain had woken up, he loosened his hand holding his nose and climbed away from Lin Su Porcelain as if nothing had happened. Lin Su's eyes and hands quickly grabbed Xiao Bai's deep back collar. Say, what did you do to me quietly? The feeling of grasping Xiao Bai made Lin Su porcelain squint his eyes happily. This is the treatment he had in the hands of Bai Shen before, and today, the tables are finally turned! Xiao Bai felt uncomfortable being carried by his collar, and he struggled a little. It's just that the three-headed body of a human cub doesn't allow him to exert more strength. I made a mistake. Xiao Bai frowned deeply and found that when he calculated, he leaked the temper of Lin Su Porcelain, which would not die. Just wake you up. Xiao Bai struggled deeply, but he was honest. I am hungry Lin Su-tsu patted his forehead and said,custom cosmetic packing, "I almost forgot." He slept in his clothes and now rolled out of the blanket, looking everywhere for the box of cakes he had left last night. Finally, a box of cakes was found under him. emptycosmetictubes.com


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