The misfortune of rebirth

From her side clenched palm, Anhuai saw that her mother did not know the existence of willow mother and daughter.

There, in front of the chaotic crowd, dressed in a rich dress, hairstyle and makeup are still delicate and dignified, Song Lingyun's face with a cold and indifferent expression, squinting at the farce. From her side clenched palm, Anhuai saw that her mother did not know the existence of willow mother and daughter. But from the corners of her mouth finally curved out of such a sneer, Ammon saw that her mother should have known that her father had someone outside, but never thought that he had other children! The little girl on the ground cried very seriously. Not far away, a simple willow trembling, such a big thing happened, she did not dare to approach. In full view of the public, but perhaps only Anxi herself knows how happy she is under the tears! Today, she is ready to be abused, excluded and rejected. The result is God's blessing, she and her mother just arrived, hit such a farce! She appeared at the most chaotic time and chose the most exaggerated and silly way, but in fact it was the smartest and most appropriate way. You see, now,High Speed Nail Making Machine, who can guess that today is actually the first time she met her biological father? She cried like a dead father. An Jianbang, who could neither speak nor see, had basically lost consciousness. He was forced to recognize a new daughter by adding insult to injury. On the side, Anxun looked down lightly, with a trace of pondering in his eyes. The next moment, Mrs. Zhang rushed over with the phone in a hurry and announced loudly. I've called an ambulance. I'll be right there. The car will be right there! At that time, the dark clouds that had accumulated on the edge of the city early in the morning finally came with the wind and went up the hill. The raindrops as big as beans soon became one on the ground. At the moment when the shower hit,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, there was a loud noise. Bright lightning pierced the night sky and knocked down a thunderbolt! … This is the second thunderstorm since the fall of Linjiang this summer, and it is fierce. The sky outside the house looked as dark as night. In the high-rise residential area of the city center, Li Manman closed the windows, drew the curtains and turned on the headlights of the room in advance. He was fully prepared, but when the first thunder fell, Happy was still startled. He raised his neck and let out a howling dog. Most dogs are afraid of thunder, and when they are frightened, they are nervous and run around the room while barking. Li Manman ran after Happy. There was thunder and lightning outside the house and the house was in a mess. She ran after Happy until she was sweating all over her head. She finally hugged Happy's neck and pushed it down. She covered its ears with her hands. I don't know if it worked. The mobile phone rang at this moment. Li Manman held Happy's head in one hand, reached out and just touched the phone, it broke free, Happy continued to raise his neck around the room, shouted and ran away, Li Manman had no strength to chase, sat on the ground panting to pick up the phone. Hello, Nail Making Machine price ,Nail machine supplier, Aunt Liu, what's the matter? During this period of time, Pei Zhao was on a business trip and had few things to do at home. After Manman came to help, he formed a division of labor with Aunt Liu. Every morning, Aunt Liu comes to clean up and feed Happy a breakfast. After lunch, Li Manman came from school, took Happy out for a walk, and then took charge of his dinner. In the evening, Li Manman accompanied her until after seven o'clock, waiting for the nurse to check Happy's condition and coax her to sleep, and then she took a taxi back. The fare was borne by Aunt Liu. So everyone is relatively relaxed and the dog is well taken care of. Hearing Li Manman's energetic cry, Aunt Liu paused: "Manman, how is the situation over there? Do you need my help?" Li Manman, of course, couldn't let Aunt Liu make a special trip because of the wind and rain outside. She quickly waved her hand: "No, no. Happy is a little afraid of thunder, but it doesn't matter. I can handle it by myself. You don't have to come here." “… Well, that's all right. Aunt Liu answered lightly, looking slightly strange, and looked up at the clock on the wall. Manman, it seems to be raining for a long time today. I just saw the weather forecast. It's a thunderstorm all night. I was thinking, why don't you stay tonight? Don't go back. ” "Huh?" Li Manman did not expect Aunt Liu to suddenly say so, she subconsciously looked in the direction of the guest room, just hesitated to refuse, Aunt Liu continued: "Look, it's thundering today. Happy can't sleep alone at night, so you can stay with him." "And it's very troublesome for you to run around on rainy days. It's not that there's no place at home. You sleep for one night. I'll come and clean up tomorrow morning. Mr. Pei won't know. In such weather today, he won't be able to come back at night." Aunt Liu gave a good advice, and the reasons seemed to be very convincing. Li Manman was thinking about how to spend the thunderstorm before, and had not thought about Pei Zhao's problem. At this time, she was reminded by Aunt Liu that he really might not come back today. In fact, a storm can not last long, change a flight, perhaps it is only a matter of postponing one night. Manman is still a little melancholy. She thought she would be able to meet Pei Zhao before she went back tonight. He left in such a hurry that day, and then left for more than half a month, which made her miss him more and more; He was so busy that he didn't know whether his body and spirit were good or not. Did he remember the agreement before he left? He would say to her when he came back. I don't know what it would be. Li Manman's mood is somewhat complicated, with a little joy of seeing the boy he likes, and a little nervousness that he does not know how to face; Like every girl at this stage, she is looking forward to the beginning of a relationship, and at the same time, she is cautious about the feelings she has never experienced before. Stay here?.. The next second Li Manman thought, there was a discordant sound in the living room. Happy didn't know what hit the ground. OK Then I'll stay with Happy. It seems to have done something bad. Aunt Liu, I'll go and have a look first. Li Manman finally agreed to hang up the phone and trotted out in a hurry. Aunt Liu on the other end of the phone stared at the clock on the wall,Coil nail machine, breathed a sigh of relief, took the mobile phone for half a day, turned out the WeChat and opened the voice.


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