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How persistent are you? I said I'm not Su Wan ~ For the old ghost's obsession, Su late is also speechless, but along the way he took care of, Su late can also completely settle down, with the old ghost's repair should be able to see Su Rui smoothly?

How persistent are you? I said I'm not Su Wan ~ For the old ghost's obsession, Su late is also speechless, but along the way he took care of, Su late can also completely settle down, with the old ghost's repair should be able to see Su Rui smoothly? Su Rui, where on earth are you? At this time, thousands of miles away at the foot of Maoshan Mountain. Sniff. Su Rui suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, and his whole face was pale. Although the forced use of the secret art summoned the contract dragon spirit, it was a black dragon that was summoned! Black dragons, evil and lustful, are a disgrace to the dragon race. The black dragon was born, the whole horse family was shocked, for Ma Yue selfish use of the forbidden art this matter has caused the dissatisfaction of the family elders, plus he has always been placed high hopes by everyone, unexpectedly only summoned the most rubbish black dragon, the patriarch in the proposal of the people intend to punish him to go to the back hill of the horse family for a year. How could General Su accept such unreasonable punishment? In a fit of anger,plastic pallet box, he wounded the elders and left the Ma family overnight. As a result, the Ma family chased him all the way, and some people who had been jealous of Ma Yue's position secretly tripped him up and wanted to kill him! Su Rui because that day in the chamber of secrets used the forbidden art, hurt the root, so all the way can only fight while fleeing, he was originally all the way south,wholesale plastic pallet, intended to go to Nancheng to find Su night, who knows on the way to hear the news that Miss Su went to Maoshan for help. Knowing that Su Wan had physical problems, Su Rui immediately changed his direction to Maoshan, who knew that he had just entered the territory of Maoshan and was attacked by an old enemy of Ma Yue. "Little Yueyue, you look like you're going to die." At this time Su Rui's side suddenly appeared a black figure, a handsome man with an evil smile on his face: "Little Yueyue, do you want the power of this king?"? Those foolish human beings don't know the power of the king at all. Evil is the most powerful power in the world. "Shut up." Su Rui wiped the blood from his lips and looked coldly at his contract dragon spirit: "Do you think I have been reduced to using you to help me?" What a joke. Su Rui sat on the ground quietly restoring his spiritual power, he has been running away, has been avoiding, but do not want to really fight with them to the end, because he has to keep the spiritual power to save Su late. Oh, Xiao Yueyue is getting angry! The black dragon on one side narrowed his eyes. Don't you need me? One day, plastic bulk containers ,stackable plastic pallets, you will use me, because I can sense the evil factor in your body. When the King of Japan is summoned by the darkness in your body, it is a very powerful place. Chapter 215: The Most Powerful Warlock (8) The fastest means of transportation from Nancheng to Maoshan is naturally by plane, but the old ghost rented a car. Yes, although ghosts have spiritual power, but spiritual power can not be used indiscriminately, traveling thousands of miles a day, with the old ghost's cultivation may be able to do, but this kind of prodigal behavior he will not do. And the plane? Don't even think about it. The story of the ghost flight is a lie. The soul power of the ghost is like some kind of magnetic field. If the old ghost and Sue leave the plane at night, then the flight will surely be unable to leave the airport, let alone fly tens of thousands of feet high. Therefore, renting an off-road vehicle with good performance is their best choice now. Su late did not expect the old ghost can drive, this is really a ghost with the times. Two people in the car did not stop all the way to the highway, the old ghost can drive with his eyes closed, and Su night has been sitting in the back seat to meditate. The day passed quickly, and when it got dark, the traffic on the highway gradually decreased, leaving most of the big trailers that were used to traveling at night. To be honest, this kind of car is particularly dangerous, and the probability of major accidents is very high. Here it comes. In the middle of the night, the old ghost suddenly opened his eyes and whispered. Su night also immediately quit the practice, eyes tightly staring out of the window. The whole road was dark, the speed of the old ghost was not fast, and occasionally some cars overtook them. For those who dare to speed up and overtake in this area, the old ghost can only laugh. "Bang!" Suddenly there was a violent crash ahead, and there was a car accident! It turned out that the black sedan that had just sped up to overtake was hit by a runaway trailer while turning. The driver of the big car was obviously tired. Although he reacted at the last moment to control his car and did not roll over, the car was still knocked over by the huge impact force. The whole car fell into a deep ditch beside the highway. The driver did not know whether he was alive or dead. The old ghost saw the accident from a distance. He narrowed his eyes and slowed down the car. Are you going to save people? Su Wan obviously misunderstood the intentions of the old ghost. Do I look like I have water in my head? The old ghost glanced contemptuously at Su Wan: "I parked the car and watched the excitement. It's a long night. How boring it is!" Su Wan:.. I was wrong. I shouldn't have been serious with a ghost. Just then, the driver of the big trailer had staggered out of the car, and his expression could not be seen in the night. He seemed to run to the place where the car overturned and shouted a few times. Then he hesitated for a while, and finally went straight back to his car and drove away. Eh. Su evening narrowed her eyes, she could still feel that the driver in the car was still popular, he was still alive. It is a pity If there is no one to save him in the middle of the night, he will be a ghost in the morning. Just as Su was lamenting the fickleness of the world, suddenly another car passed by their car slowly and stopped not far away. The driver of the car was a man in his early forties, and the co-driver should be his wife. The two men clearly noticed the situation, the wife immediately took out the phone to call the police, while the middle-aged man nervously ran to the car that had turned over,foldable bulk container, struggling to open the door to rescue the driver in the car. Looking at the scene in front of her, Su Wan did not know why, and suddenly felt a little sour in her heart. The old ghost. "Shh." The old ghost made a silent gesture at Su Wan. cnplasticpallet.com


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