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Make me get married, humiliate my two most respected elders, no matter which point, it is enough for him to die clearly! "It was I who came to take your life!"

Make me get married, humiliate my two most respected elders, no matter which point, it is enough for him to die clearly! "It was I who came to take your life!" Bu Qingyun gave a cold drink, and after popping up a bullet of autumn water, he did not continue to perform the magic skill of snapping his fingers. Instead, he tossed back and waited for an opportunity to make another move. Poof! There was an explosion, and the black fog was hit, and then it was covered with a layer of frost. The two eyes, like jackals, were so big that they were shocked. If you haven't been hit by a snap of a finger, you can't really know the power of this fingering! Unable to move for a few short breaths, the black fog was so frightened that his heart was in his throat! The identity of each strong person of the Demon Way who is chasing and killing Bu Qingyun is not simple. He is the elder of the five sects of the Demon Way, or the head of other sects. He is a strong person. Now in the face of death, even those who are proud of heaven will be shocked and afraid. Unless you are a man who wants to die, you will show such an expression. With a wave of his palm, a golden palm appeared in the ruined temple, and then he grasped the black fog in his hand. Say! Where are they? Bu Qingyun felt a little strange, why only this person appeared, the rest of the people do not seem to be in this city. Jie Jie The hoarse man laughed so harshly that he did not answer the other's words. Hum! If you don't say, don't I have a way? 。 Bu Qingyun shouted angrily, and the golden palm in the manipulation was suddenly grasped, and the black fog was regarded as meat mud and played with it. Ah The strong man of the Demon Way screamed in pain,stainless steel squatting pan, and the black fog as big as a millstone was getting smaller and smaller. Say Bu Qingyun shouted. Kill me quickly! Such words came from the black fog, and the already hoarse voice was even more hoarse at this time, like the last struggle of a dying man. Hum With a loud shout, Bu Qingyun pinched the black fog to the size of a fist, and then continued to exert himself. When the black fog was completely crushed, a middle-aged man in a strange robe appeared in the air and fell into the broken temple. Bu Qingyun strode forward, popped out his right hand, clasped the man's neck directly,Flush valve price, and lifted him up from the ground until he left the ground. The middle-aged man's face was red, his feet kept rubbing against the ground, but he could not touch them all the time, and his eyes, like jackals, were so big that he wanted to burst out. Seeing that he was about to be strangled, Bu Qingyun loosened his hands and gave the man a chance to breathe. For the last time, say it! The man, dressed in a strange robe, was terrified, knowing that if he did not answer at this time, he would be tortured by life and death! Because the other side of the eyes like the devil has told himself! "He and they are in the imperial capital of the Great Han Kingdom!" The man got a chance to breathe, and after that, he took this opportunity to brighten his eyes, and the night sky, which was already cloudy, Flushometer valve ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, suddenly flashed with lightning and thunder! Bu Qingyun raised his eyebrows, and the secret passage was not good. He quickly dropped the man and turned around and ran out for hundreds of feet. Boom! A jagged thunder crashed down and hit the man directly, and everything around him was also affected, and the ruined temple was submerged between the lightning and thunder! This power is amazing! Bu Qingyun can't help grinning, breaking through the'imprisonment 'after the day of thunder, unexpectedly so fierce! It's horrible. Knowing that he could not escape in any case, the strong man of the Demon Way did not stop, so he simply returned to his heart with Bu Qingyun. At the last moment, he'broke through 'the imprisonment and was struck by thunder. Fortunately, Buqingyun found out in time and dodged the past, otherwise, I'm afraid he's like this strong man at the moment, and there's nothing left to be smashed! The ancient temple and the surrounding houses within ten feet disappeared in an instant, and huge pits appeared in the land, as well as plumes of smoke. Bu Qingyun stood for a long time before he came to his senses. He frowned and muttered, "Are those evil people in the imperial capital?"? What do they want to do? Bu Qingyun thought for a long time, did not think of, at this time the night has come completely, he did not get up back to Jizhou city, but in the city to live down, want to'wait for a rabbit ', see if there is a strong devil. Chapter 455 I'll do the dirty work. ) Chapter 455 I'll do the dirty work. When Bu Qingyun left Jizhou City, he only said to Situ Yufeng, but did not say that he wanted to leave Jizhou City. //Fastest update// It is now the middle of the night, and the hall of the Bujia is still brightly lit. Szeto Yishan knew the habit of Bu Qingyun. Looking at the haze in the night sky, she couldn't help frowning and said, "Is he Qingyun?" Bu Feitian and You Youxiao are also in the lobby, waiting for the return of Bu Qingyun. "How can that boy be so reckless!" You Youxiao scolded worriedly and threw his sleeve violently. The old man also frowned and paced back and forth in the lobby. "Qingyun's temper is not so reckless." "Old man, you don't know the temperament of that smelly boy, how can he endure this tone?"? When I saw his silence yesterday, I knew what the boy would do afterwards! You Youxiao said, his face showing a trace of self-reproach, "it's all my fault!"! Now that I have guessed, I won't look at him today. If anything happens, I "" Szeto Yishan should have been the most anxious person. For one thing, she was the wife of Bu Qingyun, and for another, she was a woman. But now, seeing her father-in-law and the world-famous Master You, she shook her head slightly with a wry smile. He walked up to the two of them and said, "Grandpa, Master You, don't be impatient.". Qingyun, he will be all right, but he has a lot of treasures! Szeto Yishan said is forceful, in fact, the heart is also a little uneasy, after all, the strength was'imprisoned 'to the peak of the day after tomorrow, the other side has so many strong! Bu Feitian and You Youxiao heard the word "baby" and immediately brightened up. You Youxiao felt a little relieved and said with a smile,Concealed Flush Valve, "I almost forgot that smelly boy is a pervert, but he has a lot of unknown secrets!" Bu Feitian did not say much, but nodded.


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