Guan Yi Dao Xian (Leng Ye)

You! You little brute! Did you really take the money? This This should catch up with my salary for two or three months! When Mr. Xiao saw that Dongfang Shuo had received the money, he immediately became anxious!

You! You little brute! Did you really take the money? This This should catch up with my salary for two or three months! When Mr. Xiao saw that Dongfang Shuo had received the money, he immediately became anxious! Besides, can you help people lose weight? How dare you take money from others? Of course, Mr. Xiao just hated his students for being too greedy in his heart, but smiled on the surface: "Then lose weight first, and then eat after losing weight, it's still early!" Dongfang Shuo stood up and said to Xiao Suzhen, "I know a little about the way to lose weight. I just lost too much weight at one time. I'm afraid your Feng Yimi can't stand it!" His original intention was to reduce it so as not to go against the sky. Of course! Too much is as bad as not enough. However, she wants to lose weight almost crazy, can lose more or more! Xiao Suzhen was very excited to see her daughter losing weight. But- "Dongfang Shuo drawled." But what? Xiao Suzhen suddenly fell into the ice cellar. Usually this "but" is followed by some unsatisfactory words. Teacher Xiao, you said that Feng Yimi is still a girl, and I am a man, I do not know whether it is appropriate to do so? Dongfang Shuodao. You Teacher Xiao Su'e suddenly stopped on the stairs, and she felt hard to say: If you want to have sex with her and talk nonsense about how to lose weight by doing love, it will definitely not work! Xiao Suzhen is eager to lose weight for her daughter, but she is open-minded: if her daughter is obese, she is a patient. People to lose weight for her, that is the doctor, if there are too many taboos between patients and doctors, then how to see a doctor: "Dongfang Shuo,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, you do not scruple, you just lose weight for her, do not think about anything else!" "That's good!" Dongfang Shuo is also a mortal body, and this desire is also there! He was very happy to hear Xiao Suzhen's answer. Teacher Xiao Su'e has the quality of a detective. She knows that Dongfang Shuo may have a motive for committing a crime. If she lets him rape his niece in front of her, it will be an insult to her wisdom: "Dongfang Shuo, don't you keep your weight-loss skills secret? Can my sister and I watch?" "Hehe!"! Of course you can! Can you comfort her when she is uncomfortable? What? Discomfort. At this time, in the eyes of teacher Xiao,stainless steel shower tray, Dongfang Shuo is a complete lascivious/stick! Xiao Suzhen seemed to see her daughter lose weight, like in junior high school, laughing and laughing all day long, she answered happily: "Well!"! What kind of discomfort? It still hurts to have an intravenous drip in the hospital! As long as Yimi can stand it, she will feel uncomfortable! "Also, I take oil from my skin, and she wants to take off her clothes. I wonder if she can accept it?" Dongfang Shuo pretended to be very worried and asked. Can! Can In Xiao Suzhen's mind, she also brought out the theory between the doctor and the patient: "Even if you go to the hospital for a small injection, you have to take off your pants, don't you?" Into the daughter's room, Xiao Suzhen suddenly speechless, light I promised others, the daughter also do not know what attitude! Teacher Xiao Su'e was worried that Dongfang Shuo would commit a crime, and that his three women were not necessarily his opponents. If he raped/raped and then killed to silence him, Time Delay Faucet ,Prison toilet for sale, it would be purely inviting the wolf into the house, even more terrible than inviting the wolf into the house: "When does my brother-in-law come home from work every day?" Alas! He is the captain of the city's criminal police brigade, and his work is busy! When Xiao Su'e said this, she was worried: "Listen carefully, Feng Yimi's father is the captain of the city criminal police. If you want to mess up, you can go and wait for death!"! After she said it, she was quite proud. This is called stopping crime psychologically. You don't say, teacher Xiao's words, to Dongfang Shuo really brought a lot of scruples: this helped her lose weight, I was added a crime of indecency or something, money was fined again, then I lost more than I gained. At this time, Feng Yimi was lying on the bed with his face facing in, with a sad face. Teacher Xiao and the two sisters sat on the stool inside, and Dongfang Shuo sat on the sofa. Dongfang Shuo took the ten thousand yuan that Xiao Suzhen had just given him out of his pocket and put it on the tea table. "You're all here," he said. "I'll put the ugly words in front of you! My way to lose weight is to touch the skin with my hands. If I can accept it, I will do it. If I can't accept it, the money is still here, I will leave. "Acceptable!"! Acceptable! Parents are for children, children have a smiling face, that is the happiness of parents, Xiao Suzhen did not wait for Dongfang Shuo to finish, hurriedly agreed to come down. Also, you have to take off all your clothes, and you can't leave any of them. Teacher Xiao Su'e finally discovered that the evil hand of the criminal was going to extend to her niece. Therefore, in order to prevent and stop the crime, before he could finish, she asked, "Why?" "Teacher Xiao, I can't say that!" Faced with Xiao Su'e's questioning, Dongfang Shuo gave a vague answer. Sister, what do you think? If it was her own daughter, Xiao Su'e would never allow him to get his hands on it. However, it was not her own daughter after all. Therefore, she asked Xiao Suzhen for advice. Xiao Suzhen turned to her daughter and asked, "Yimi, what do you think?" Feng Yimi put his two fat legs together nervously. Xiao Suzhen had a big head at this time. If her daughter continued to be pure and did not let this guy get his hands on it, she would not be able to lose weight. If she let this guy get his hands on it, her daughter would not necessarily agree. It was so difficult: "Yimi, then do what Dongfang Shuo said?" "Well!" Although Feng Yimi's voice was smaller than that of a cat, Xiao Suzhen heard it clearly. According to Dongfang Shuo's command, the indoor air conditioner was turned on, and Feng Yimi stripped naked and weighed on the electronic scale. Wow! 178 Jin. One meter and sixty-eight meters tall, from head to foot, one catty percentimeter and ten more catties? Feng Yimi said that after lying flat on the bed,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, Dongfang Shuo washed his hands and began to lose weight under the strict surveillance of the Xiao sisters. Dongfang Shuo put a stainless steel basin on the stool and ten dry towels on the other stool. Where do you think you should reduce first? Dongfang Shuo looked at Feng Yimi's white and delicate body and wanted to stretch out the salty pig's hand immediately. But in order to show the dignity that a Taoist immortal should have, and to live up to the eyes of the two elder sisters, he asked with a sullen face.


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