Seven Swords to Tianshan Mountain

Potential turn, the end is to seal the whole body of the wind and rain, "Tianlong Eighteen Palms" a total of eighteen routes, each route includes nine changes, a total of 162 hands, one positive and one negative, mutual promotion and restriction, change cycle, learn to imitate

Potential turn, the end is to seal the whole body of the wind and rain, "Tianlong Eighteen Palms" a total of eighteen routes, each route includes nine changes, a total of 162 hands, one positive and one negative, mutual promotion and restriction, change cycle, learn to imitate the dragon shape, scatter potential, is also a fierce hand. Feet up, all with strong wind. The two of them turned around like a merry-go-round, dazzling the crowd! Tianxiong Zen Master fought for a while and was thinking about it. Take time to move, Xin Longzi has been familiar with the number of his palm, but he did not know Xin Longzi's palm is what faction, fierce attack. A few action, action falls through, be pulled out suddenly by the person below the flank, acerbity itches again, turn to come, the nape of the neck was pinched again, instead. A palm of the hand. But you can't even get the corners of the enemy's shirt. Xin Longzi relied on his strange life to tease him so much that he did not know whether to laugh or cry. Got it. They saw Xin Longzi advancing and retreating in the wind of the palm, laughing, while Zen Master Tianxiong repeatedly called out, as if he had been wounded. Bull! Xin Longzi performed strange martial arts skills and played with Tianxiong Zen Master like a child. Qi Zhenjun gazed at him intently and was delighted. He was surprised and happy because he had no intention of seeing the unique learning of Wulin, and the doubts in his heart were gradually solved. It turns out that he used to eat Han Zhibang. Zhao, pull out the beard, cited as a great shame in his life, but because Han Zhibang's hands are only fragmentary fragments of kungfu, how can he figure it out? I can't figure out the reason. Now saw Xin Longzi's strange move,pipe fittings manufacturer, think of the previous Han Zhibang's technique, the heart began to suddenly through. Know that they are both from the same family. Although the surprised person sees some truth, the more he sees it, the more he feels its complexity and profundity. It's really the only kung fu in the martial arts world. If he tried his best, he might be able to resist this strange move, but he was not sure of winning, he thought. Ling Weifeng's kung fu has been so powerful, coupled with this monster, it is absolutely impossible to resist. Just when everyone was absorbed in the field, Qi Zhenjun suddenly jumped up, and the other two guards woke up. Fear to escape first,38 needle valve, hurried to leave the seat, where there is still time. Ling Weifeng raised his hands, and three rays of black gold had already shot out. Out, shoot Qi Zhenjun that branch, because the distance is too far, when shooting is weak, give Qi Zhenjun anti-sword to pull down, the two guards, but Is unable to avoid, to Tianshan God Mang, from the vest straight through the front heart! Xin Longzi in the center of the field suddenly gave a strange roar and grabbed Tianxiong. Zen master's cassock, upside down, he was eager to catch up with Qi Zhenjun, casually threw Tianxiong Zen master out, ignoring his life and death, then. Catch up. Ling Weifeng suddenly shouted, "Brother Xin, don't chase the poor bandits!" Xin Longzi stopped in astonishment, only to see Monroe dancing, such as in the middle. The mad demon, 14 needle valve ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, shouting tuba, ran out of the field, and the chiefs of all nationalities swarmed up and caught him. Meng Manlisi cried, "My father is here." He had a fever for a few days, and his mind was in a daze. I had advised him not to hold any meeting tonight, but he didn't listen. Each The chieftain of the clan, who had been very resentful of Monroe, had thought that after capturing him, he would be publicly executed, but when he touched his forehead, his hands and feet, But rolling hot, the rules of their prairie tribe, a seriously ill person, no matter what crime he committed, can not be interrogated and sentenced on the spot. "Take care of him first," cried the chieftain of the Cha tribe. "My father is the head of the clan anyway," said Meng Manlisi. "Let me see. Protect him. "Hum," said the chief of the Tashan tribe, "you will take care of him. You and your father are breathing out of the same nostril. Hukeji Pai "Don't wrong a good man," said the crowd. "She came at my word." Chieftains of all tribes, because they see Master Ling is him Come on, please. Just now all the suspicions were cleared up. Just as I was about to speak, torches suddenly lit up on the prairie. Soldiers of the Khadar tribe emerged everywhere, shouting loudly. "Meng Lu is seriously ill," he said. "I want Miss Meng Manlisi to be our leader and fight against the Qing army with all nationalities." Meng Manlisi accepted with a smile. Cheers, all the tribal chieftains are overjoyed. "Our people, like you, are warm-blooded men," said Meng Manlisi. My dad Dad's idea, I have long opposed, our people are willing to alliance against the Qing Dynasty this time, is what I have arranged these days. The unitary of the Tashan people "Then I was wrong about the girl," the chief accused. "With a sudden cry, Monroe spurted a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.". It turned out that when Meng Manlisi had just held the blood wine for her father to drink, her long sleeves hung low and she flicked down some white powder in the dark. This powder is It is made of exotic grass on the prairie. It is extremely hot and dry in nature. After taking it, the whole body rolls, just like suffering from a serious fever. This method of dispensing is Hukeji learned it from the oldest herdsman in the clan, and he passed it on to Meng Manlisi, telling her to save her father in this way. Monroe is a crafty old man Slipping, listening to his daughter pointed out that he was sick, he immediately played the trick and pretended to be a fanatic. In fact, he was still conscious. To Later, as soon as she saw that the clansmen all supported her daughter's resistance to the Qing Dynasty, they betrayed their relatives. They were angry and angry. They were so angry that they vomited blood and made the fake come true. Became a patient. After Meng Manlisi announced her joining, she helped Meng Lu back to the tent to rest. The tribes of all ethnic groups in the Karqin Grassland pushed Hukeji to make an alliance. Lord. Ling Weifeng was very happy. He raised his glass and said with a smile, "I would also like to tell you a piece of good news. Just now Monroe said that he was hiding in a red scarf." In the mountains, dare not come out, this is not true! Flying Red Scarf has now come back to be the leader of all ethnic groups in southern Xinjiang, and we are her. The emissary sent! The crowd cheered again. Holding Ling Weifeng's hand tightly, Hukeji shed tears of gratitude and said in a loud voice. "Master Ling," he said, "more than twenty years ago, your Elder Martial Brother Yang Yuncong and the Flying Red Scarf Lady saved my life, and now you've come to save me. Our people. It would be great if the Flying Red Turban came out again. All the tribes of all nationalities in the Harqin Grassland are willing to be controlled by her. At the moment And Ling Weifeng drank a cup of blood wine, counted as a formal alliance. Besides, after Meng Manlisi helped her father into the account, she used snow water to relieve the effect of the medicine. Meng Lu burst into tears and sighed, "Daughter, you The great man's heart is strong, the bird grows the wing, must pick the high branch to fly! "Dad," said Meng Manlisi hurriedly, "where is this coming from? As long as You sincerely repent and apologize to your uncles and uncles, and your daughter guarantees that they will not be difficult for you. Said Monroe suddenly,stainless steel needle valve, with a wry smile "Why do you want your father to help you, Master Ling?" He asked. "Master Ling is going back to southern Xinjiang," said Meng Manlisi.


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