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Mr. Mei's hands are very delicate and white. It seems that they are well maintained. Zhu Zheng sighed in his heart: "Anyway, after all, he is a playboy of an aristocratic family

Mr. Mei's hands are very delicate and white. It seems that they are well maintained. Zhu Zheng sighed in his heart: "Anyway, after all, he is a playboy of an aristocratic family. He is different from a big man like Lao Tzu." Mei Childe seems to have found that he has been looking at his hand, his face can not help but slightly red, put his hand on the table, raised his head. Zhu Zheng also looked up at him just then. As soon as their eyes touched, they quickly moved away. There seemed to be a feeling of embarrassment in the room. This kind of gentle awkwardness is even more exciting under the lamp. Zhu Zheng gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, "It's my fault today. I said a lot of silly things.". You're not mad at me, are you? Mr. Mei smiled, bit his lower lip with embarrassment, and said in a very low and soft voice, "It's my fault. I don't blame you.". Will you forgive me? Zhu Zheng stood up and said hurriedly, "It's my fault.". Father I have a bad temper, a foul mouth and a choking voice. Mr. Mei looked at him with a gentle smile. "We're still good friends, aren't we?" Zhu Zheng also smiled happily: "All the time." I also hope that we. Always be a good friend. Mr. Mei stretched out his hand, and when he reached halfway, he wanted to retract. Zhu Zheng grasped it quickly and shouted, "Forever!" The two of them looked at each other and laughed, although they were still a little unnatural, but they were very sincere. How could the devil buy you a drink? "You have someone else to ask. Who should I ask?" "What kind of wine did you drink?" "And.." Green, very mellow and fragrant, soft and smooth, really good wine! "Is it really just one cup?" "Lying to you is a grandson." "And then the devil's granddaughter broke in and beat you?" "Yes, this little bitch is really black.". I can't burn her in the future! So this wine is hers, but the devil invited you to drink it. That's strange. Why did he come to you instead of drinking? Did the devil say anything? "He was afraid that I would say that he had invited me to drink, as if he was afraid of that little bitch." Mr. Mei paced slowly, frowning and meditating. Zhu Zheng's eyes rolled with him. Mei finally stopped in front of him and asked a very strange question: "Doesn't that girl look pretty good?" Zhu Zheng was stunned. "Why do you ask this?" Mr. Mei smiled and did not answer. Zhu Zheng had no choice but to answer truthfully: "I don't know." "How could you not know?" Zhu Zheng smiled bitterly. "As soon as she broke in, she shouted. I was so eager to defend myself that I didn't have time to look.". By the time she hit me, it was even harder to watch. However, it seems to look good, but it is not very beautiful, far worse than Nantianxian. Mr. Mei sneered, "Do you really like Nantian Xianguang?" "Don't be angry with me. Who doesn't know she likes you?" "Whether she likes me or not is one thing," said Mr. Mei leisurely. "Whether you like her or not is another." Do not wait for Zhu Zheng to speak, precision welded tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and immediately said: "What I can be sure of now is that the devil came to Zixuexuan today just to find someone to drink this glass of wine." Zhu Zheng looked at him foolishly: "Not bad." "His granddaughter likes to mix medicine and wine, which I have heard before.". This glass of wine must be matched by her, but it's hard to say whether it's poisonous wine or medicinal wine. Zhu Zheng smiled. "Don't try to scare me.". Lao Tzu's fist and foot skills are ordinary, but he still has a few skills in recognizing poison. If it's poisoned wine, I can smell it with my nose. Mr. Mei stared and smiled. "The demon king wanted to drink, but his granddaughter forbade anyone to touch the glass of wine. The demon king had to invite someone to drink. It happened that this person was you." Zhu Zheng felt the wound on his body and said with a wry smile, "Why didn't he ask someone else to be beaten?" "Because you have everything," said Master Mei with a smile. "Conditions?" Master Mei began to count the conditions: "First of all, this man must be young and vigorous, fearless, and dare to go to the devil's house. Second, this man must be a rough man who doesn't know any art at all. Third, this person must be a person who drinks wine whenever he sees it, and drinks it in one mouthful, and drinks it after drinking it.." Zhu Zheng doesn't know whether to laugh or cry: "Am I so miserable?" Mr. Mei smiled happily. "It's more than that.". …… Fourth, this person had better be a hothead and an idiot, and if he dares to come up, he should stare at his granddaughter. Fifth, this person's kungfu should not be too high, because he is afraid that this person will have the opportunity to tell his plan. Sixth, this person should be able to fight, and he can't be killed by a few punches and feet.. "It seems that Lao Tzu is indeed a very unusual man," said Zhu Zheng. He suddenly lowered his face and said worriedly, "Will that man named Kong hold a grudge against you and secretly harm you?" Mr. Mei was stunned for a moment. His laughing face was covered with clouds. "I don't think he would dare," he snorted coldly. Zhu Zheng stared into his eyes and asked, "What is your relationship with him?" Mr. Mei yawned and said lazily, "I'm sleepy. Let's talk about it tomorrow.". You go back to your room. Zhu Zheng glared, "Don't be careless. If you don't make it clear, I won't let you sleep." Meet this kind of person, Mei Gongzi is also a little way. Well, I'll tell you what. He is an acquaintance of my father. He is not a bad friend, but he is irreconcilable with the devil. When two people meet, they will probably fight. What else do you want to ask? I'm going to sleep. Zhu Zheng looked at the bed and said with a smile, "The bed is quite wide. Why don't we lie down together and talk more?" Master Mei changed his face and said with a sneer, "How can I do that?"! What do two men look like in a bed? Zhu Zheng smiled shyly and looked for a step to go down: "Unfortunately, there is no woman to sleep with me." Mr. Mei flew into a rage. "There are plenty of women soliciting on the street. Why don't you go and find one?" Zhu Zheng clapped his hands: "That's a good idea!"! Why didn't I think of that? Seeing that Mr. Mei was so angry that his nose was crooked, he quickly smiled and retreated to the door. "Well, well,side impact beams, I fart. I'm not a person, all right?" Zhu Zheng sighed and went back to his room. He reached out his hand to touch the fire sickle. He was still nagging: "After all, a playboy is a playboy. You can't even tell a joke. It's really boring!" 。 cbiesautomotive.com


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