I woke up with a lot of money in my pocket.

What's more, now that Lu Xun has only been in a coma for 24 hours, they can't be so pessimistic. So, after sniffing, when Yan pulled out a strong smile, she comforted Mrs.

What's more, now that Lu Xun has only been in a coma for 24 hours, they can't be so pessimistic. So, after sniffing, when Yan pulled out a strong smile, she comforted Mrs. Lu and comforted herself by the way: "Auntie, don't think so badly, Lu Xun will be all right, he will be all right." Although Mrs. Lu heard the uncertainty in the words of Shi Yan, the uneasiness in her heart was reduced a lot when she heard Shi Yan say so, nodding her head, and Mrs. Lu murmured in her mouth: "Yes, you're right. My son will be all right." At eight o'clock, the doctor came and checked Lu Xun's condition. He frowned and said to them: "The patient's condition is not very optimistic. As family members, you should talk more around him. Some unconscious people can hear you in their consciousness. As long as they can change their consciousness, it will be almost the same before he wakes up." When Yan and Mrs. Lu listened to the doctor's instructions, they cut off the time to change someone to talk to him beside Lu Xun. Mrs. Lu told Lu Xun about their life together, and Shi Yan told him all kinds of memories of their love. In Mrs. Lu's mouth, when Yan's understanding of Lu Xun increased, although in front of the elders to tell Lu Xun sweet memories at the beginning of some embarrassment, but for Lu Xun, when Yan will go all out. Speaking, when Yan sometimes immersed in the memories of two people, will gradually forget the people around them,Ceramic Band Heater, only feel that the two of them are left in the ward, so the tone will not be restrained at the beginning, the words are full of affection for Lu Xun. At noon, Lu yuanshan also came to see Lu Xun did not wake up, his eyes were moist, but did not stay much, went to the company. After all, Lu yuanshan has not handled the company for a year. In addition,ceramic welding tape, the current Lu's business covers both at home and abroad, and the scale is larger than when he retired. Now the company is operating projects that he has not touched, so for a while, he is very busy. So on the third day, Mrs. Lu learned about the situation and went to the company to help. Anyway, Lu Xun here is nothing, sometimes Yan looked at, she also rest assured. Time passed day by day, Lu yuanshan and Mrs. Lu would come to the hospital every day to see Lu Xun, but they didn't stay long because they were too busy. At this time is the summer vacation, the most free time, she simply let people bring the home laptop to the hospital, every day to talk with Lu Xun, or read a novel to him, tired, touch the computer code for a while to put the words in the manuscript box. It was as if Lu Xun still lived with her and was exactly the same as before. About Lu Xun coma time is too long, even if Lu yuanshan tried to conceal, ceramic bobbin element ,7g Ozone Generator, Lu Xun unconscious news was spread out. All of a sudden, because of the accident of Lu's ruler, Lu's stock began to be unstable, and the enterprises cooperating with Lu also showed a wait-and-see posture. Lu yuanshan was quick to deal with this situation. However, I don't know why, the day before, those cooperative enterprises had not expressed their views and lost confidence in Lu. The next day, many enterprises seemed to be bewitched. The enterprises that are about to cooperate have changed their investment plans, the enterprises that have already cooperated have no intention of renewing their contracts, and even the new companies overseas are in trouble one after another. The circle was full of messages, and there was a lot of discussion about the Lu family: The Lu family really can't do it this time. After all, Lu yuanshan is too old to keep up with the rapid changes in the market. He is not as sharp as his son in dealing with things. } I don't know why, I always feel that there is a pair of invisible hands manipulating everything, as if intentionally targeting the Lu family. } Do you think Lu Hsun's car accident was man-made? How could he be hit? } I heard that at first the Lu family also suspected that there was something wrong with the accident, but the police did not find anything wrong with the driver. Moreover, according to the route of the truck, the driver of the truck drove continuously for five hours on the road, which was caused by fatigue driving. } Alas, natural and man-made disasters are the most deadly things. Kidnapping can be prevented, but mudslides, broken viaducts, road collapses, serial car accidents and so on are really impossible to prevent. We can only see luck. } The Lu family was also unlucky. It was not easy to expand the company to the present level, and it was about to return to the pre-liberation period. } { Previously, the Wang family in the capital wanted to marry the Lu family to a higher level. After being rejected by the Lu family, they were still regretful. Now it is estimated that they are setting off firecrackers to celebrate. } { The Wangs? Will not be the Wang family I know, although his daughter is beautiful, but I heard that some neurotic. Before the Chen family boy fell in love with her, as long as people left for a while, there were dozens of deadly calls. If she didn't answer the phone, she would come to her side every minute. It was said that Chen family boy's cell phone, car, and office were all installed with monitors and trackers by her. This was not a love affair. It was no different from a prisoner. } I also heard that later, when they broke up, she was still unrelenting and threatened to commit suicide. But later, somehow, she suddenly came to her senses and lost interest in the Chen family boy. } { However, I heard that the Lu family refused the Wang family not because they had investigated the daughter of the Wang family, but because Lu Xun of the Lu family had a sweetheart who had been together since high school. Lu Xun had been in a coma for a month, and the girl was still at the bedside. }. } It is estimated that for the sake of money, most people's boyfriends are vegetative, who still do not abandon, it is not a TV series, you die, I die for love can not live that kind. } I did hear that the girl was a top student who graduated from Capital University ahead of schedule, and that she was not short of money. If she left Lu Hsun, it was estimated that there would be people chasing her. Although people in this era are more impetuous, people are also more realistic, but there is not necessarily the kind of touching true love ah. } Yes, the Lu family is going to collapse soon. What money can they leave to others? Maybe one of them will go bankrupt, and the girl will have to pay for it. } {…… } Shi Yan also saw similar rumors on the Internet, but she didn't care. Not to mention that Lu yuanshan and Mrs. Lu are still in charge of the company,ceramic bobbin heater core, even if the Lu family really collapsed, now she is worth tens of millions, it will not let the Lu family into a desperate situation. global-ceramics.com

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